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rowing tank Quinte Rowing Club (QRC) is volunteer-run by its devoted Board and Club members.

The Club's rowing programs are operated out of its boathouse and training facilities located on the Waterfront Trail at 35 Keegan Parkway in Belleville.

Plan to stay fit this year by participating in one of the best all year-round fitness activities – rowing!

How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Row?

Rowing requires a combination of coordination, dexterity, balance, flexibility and understanding of the stroke mechanics. Some people pick up the basics in one or two sessions, others may need nine sessions or more. However, you will see a noticeable improvement after every practice. To improve to a competitive level requires a combination of aerobic capacity, strength, endurance and power.

At the learn-to-row stage, we request that all participants be patient, since it is a team sport and there will be a range of abilities and skill levels in every boat. Participants may be asked to take a turn at “coxing” occasionally. Sitting in the coxswain’s seat provides a great view of the crew timing and hand levels.

Since the training is in 4’s and 8’s, at some training sessions, we may have up to three extra people. In these cases, we usually take the extra people in the coach boats (another great opportunity to observe and learn) and then do a crew change on the water.

Rowing Programs

Quinte Rowing Club (QRC) offers several Youth and Adult programs, including:

Camp QRC – Youth Summer Rowing Camp (Cancelled for 2022 season)

  • Suitable for children aged 11 to 14.
  • One Week Camps(when available)
  • Five days/week Monday-Friday.
  • 8:30 am – 12:00 noon.
  • Cost: $100 for the week (incl. taxes)

Adult Learn-To-Row

  • 3 times per week, Mon./Wed.@6:30-8:00pm and Sat.@8:00-9:30am
  • Next Session: Monday June 6, 2022
  • Duration: Four weeks
  • Cost: $200 (incl. taxes).
  • Participants who wish to become members after taking the Learn-to-Row program will receive a $100 credit towards their membership fee.

Erg Training Camps

  • Low Impact Full Body Conditioning on Concept 2 Rowing Machines!
  • Use this fall and winter to condition yourself for next spring! Great for basic full body strength training/cross-­training for teens, adults, seniors alike!

  • Offered to both club members & non-club members.

  • rowing tank
  • Join us at Quinte Rowing Club to learn proper technique on Concept 2 rowing machines as directed by a Concept 2 rowing instructor who will train and tailor a fitness routine to suit your own level of comfort & fitness.

  • Next Erg Training Camp Session at Quinte Rowing Club: TBA

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  • Telephone: (613) 962-6818

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