Safe Sport Policy Overview

Safe Sport Policy Package: Understanding the Policies

Code of Conduct & Ethics: This policy lays out the expectations of appropriate behaviour and a commitment to providing a safe environment for all individuals involved – rowers, coaches, parents, board members, umpires, volunteers, etc. There is an expectation, at all times, of appropriate behaviour consistent with the Club’s policies by all participants.

Athlete Protection Policy: This policy describes how to maintain a safe sport environment between Persons in Authority and rowers. It deals with interactions between Persons in Authority and rowers, and how to maintain the Rule of Two. There is an inherent power imbalance that exists in the relationship between Persons in Authority and rowers, which must not be abused intentionally or unintentionally.

Social Media Policy: This policy applies to all individuals involved in a Club. The conduct and behaviour expectations under the Code of Conduct and Athlete Protection Policy also apply to social media use. It also outlines the responsibilities for individuals while using social media.

Screening Policy: This policy outlines the expectations of Club/Special Associations to screen personnel and volunteers involved in the Club. Screening requirements are dependent on the level of risk associated with the individual’s job/role. For example, persons in direct contact with a rower will require a higher level of screening.

Harassment, Discipline & Complaints Policy: Complaints are reported to the Independent Third Party (ITP) for rowing who then determines when a reported complaint should be handled by the Club/Special Association’s Complaint Resolution Officer (CRO) or by Row Ontario. This policy lays out the timelines and procedures of the complaint policy, as well as the role of the ITP and the Club/Special Association and Row Ontario or RCA in the complaint process.

Appeal Policy: The appeal policy provides individuals with a fair, affordable, and expedient appeal process on issues related to membership, a conflict of interest, or disciplinary actions pursuant to the Club/Special Association or Row Ontario’s policies. This policy provides information on who this policy applies to, timing, grounds, the submission procedure, and the process of an appeal.

For more information about the policies, who our CRO is and how to reach the Independent Third Party for rowing please contact us here

Information bulletins can also be found at the Club.

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